What happens if I am arrested and held in preventative detention?

If a person is charged with any crime of domestic violence in RSA 173-B:1, I or a violation of a protective order under RSA 458:16, III, or simple assault DV related offenses, or after arraignment, with a violation of a protective order issued under RSA 173-B or many other very serious offenses (second degree assault, first degree assault, reckless conduct, negligent homicide, manslaughter, murder) the court may order preventive detention without bail.  This means that you will not be released due to a court finding that release will endanger the safety of that person or the public. A defense lawyer will be able to request a subsequent bail hearing where live testimony can be presented to the court in an attempt to get bail reduced to PR. There is a presumption in NH that citizens be released on PR bail but in certain cases preventive detention may be ordered through the trial process.